The site for the beginning of the construction was adapted by placing a fence with a synthetic coating. This fence restricts access to the current residents to the construction zone. In addition, it limits the erosion of the removed soil towards the residence zone and the surrounding properties. The construction area has two accesses with padlock. After securing the area it was continued to remove the vegetation of the land and level it to the specifications of the civil plans.
Installation of the sanitary drainage pipeline began. Using machinery, a trench 8 feet (2.5 m) deep by 5 feet (1.5 m) wide was excavated for the placement of the pipeline and sanitary containers that will serve the 34 residential units of the complex.
After the completion of the installation of the sanitary pipeline, a parallel trench was opened to install the storm drain line. To avoid contamination of water in case of leakage, the two piping systems are prevented from sharing trenches and depths. The rainwater drainage system has a smaller depth (6ft). This drainage complex has 8 chutes (Manholes) and 9 sewers.
The installation of the water pipe has started. This piping system is installed above the storm drain and only 3 feet deep. It has 70% of the system of water pipes and is expected to finish the placement of the remaining 30% in the following week.